What is Metallurgy?

Understanding Metallurgy

Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor Bronze

A metallurgist looks at the structures and properties of metals.

Metallurgy can be described as a sub-set of materials science that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metals and alloys.

There are two common types of metallurgy:

Primary (or Extractive) – which involves the extraction and conversion of ore into usable metal.

Secondary – which concerns the properties and uses of the metal.

In secondary metallurgy, there are unique techniques and processes that metals and alloys can be subject to; joining, heat treatment, surface treatments etc – all of which can change the properties of the parent metal or metals. There are also performance considerations such as quality of materials, mechanical properties, fabrication issues, handling issues and various forms of corrosion which play a┬árole in determining the life of the metallic product.